The weeks work 25th Feb – 3rd March 2017

Another week down as we head into March 2017, this year is flying by!  We had a pretty awesome week here at SkullBox & Tattoo Company with the normal walk-ins for small tattoos to the larger tattoos which make it onto our weekly high lights.

Firstly, Donny got to this this awesome etch style castle in the clouds for Benjamin (pic below) who spent his last day getting a tattoo before heading back home to Germany.  He sat well with his tattoo being on a pretty sensitive spot -The Sternum!  The end result was a perfectly executed tattoo that he was happy with.

Etch Style Castle, Cloud Castle Tattoo, Castle Tattoo

Kenny got to so an awesome realistic cassette tape for Anton (pic below).  Anton wanted something to represent the 90’s era and decided to get an old school cassette tape with custom script on the tape, the result was a tattoo more than he expected and left the studio with a tattoo he was super happy with.  The tattoo took a little over 2 hours to complete using black and grey washes with a few white highlights to enhance the whole tattoo.  Keep looking back as we are going to post healed photos of all the tattoos we do so that you get to see the healed results also!

Donny got to do a cover-up for a client who had and old style faded panther on his fore-arm that he chose to cover with some traditional style roses and then also extend his existing tribal tattoo and tie it all together (pic below.  The result was exactly what the client was looking for and left the studio happy with his new tattoo.

Two friends came into the SkullBox Studio to get some ink by Kenny and the first friend sat for a tattoo of a wing inside his inner arm using subtle grey shading and black and sharp crisp his tattoo came out better than he expected and was extremely happy with his new art (pic below).

The week also saw this awesome thigh tattoo that resident body artist Donny did for Candice that came out crisp, bold yet feminine.  Taking a little over three hours to do her tattoo came out exactly as she wanted.  Another happy client!

Kenny did this fore arm arrow for the second of the two friends who came in together.  The arrow was a remembrance tattoo for a friend of Kenny’s client who passed away a year ago.  His tattoo was completed in an hour.  Subtle colors helped enhance this tattoo that his client was extremely happy with (pic below).

A new client came in to sit for his first tattoo originally meant to go on his left shoulder blade but decided to rather do rather do this tattoo on his bicep which was complimented with custom script work.  Using subtle grey and black and three hours later Mario left the studio with a tattoo he was ecstatic about (pic below).

And that folks was the week here at SkullBox & Tattoo Company!  If you are interested in getting a tattoo feel free to request for consultation by click on the relevant page and filling out the form.  You can alternatively call the studio directly on 072 403 3071.

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