The weeks work 20 Feb to 24 Feb 2017

It has been a pretty awesome week here at SkullBox Tattoo Company.  With the artists (Kenny and Donny) putting out some pretty cool tattoos on some very cool clients.  Apart from the usual small script work and infinity symbols the guys did some great black and grey work that we are featuring in this weeks highlights.

(ABOVE) Donovan did a cool cover-up for his client Michaela (we forgot to take a before photo) and came up with this awesome custom design with a rose, diamond, crown and some paisley on her left outer ankle completing the tattoo in about three and a half hours using subtle shades of grey and black line work.

(ABOVE) Kenny got to do an elegant feather for Mercia who was referred by her friend to come and see us.  Initially she wanted to have a bit of script along with her feather but decided to wait a while a get her script done a bit later on.  Mercia sat well for her first tattoo taking just under an hour to do using grey washes, white and black.

(ABOVE)  Nicolai from Belgium came in to have his football club panther logo with roman numerals done on his outer bicep by Kenny which took approx an hour to do.  Using tones of greys, whites and red his tattoo came out perfectly as per the original reference photo Nicolai gave and was super chuffed with new tattoo.

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